wahoo! I failed!

Happy Failure!

Take fear of failure out of your way!

Wednesday, April 22, 6-9 Location TBD greater Hartford area

Click here now to register for just $49 through 3/31/15

Yeah, sure, big time business leaders blab about risk-taking and conquering failure, but doing it in our OWN lives in REAL time is totally different! What about us regular people who aren't Oprah or Trump? How do WE DO it outside of a bunch of big talk??

Why take this playshop? To turn your ideas of failure upside down...

What will that do for me? What will I learn?

  • You will receive practical tools and tips for doing failure differently
  • You will do some head work and some heart work around your responses to failure
  • You will start to...
    • Celebrate and laugh at failure
    • Get off the fence and into action
    • Face fear with a brave new attitude
    • Find golden nuggets in every "mistake" (I say that loosely because I don't believe in mistakes!)
    • Create the next level of confidence that you are craving
    • Getting rid of that mean, obnoxious voice in your head that beats you up when you make "mistakes" or get stuff wrong

It's a signature BTC Jenny Playshop! Fun, new friends, powerful results, motivation, and learning are guaranteed!!

Who is this for? How do I know if it's right for me?

It's for you if...

You get stressed about mistakes

You sometimes don't act on an instinct even when you know you're probably spot on

You spend too much time trying to get things "just right" (maybe perfect?) instead of getting them done and moving on to what's next

You beat yourself up and second guess yourself when things don't go well

You have things you want to do or try in life...someone you want to become...places you want to go...but you're scared and your fear is holding you back





I liked that it was a comfortable and safe space to stretch myself and try on ideas that I would otherwise have found challenging
— C.Monahan, Winchester, CT
Jenny is a powerful and kind teacher. She knows how to motivate and make people feel excited about moving forward.Her story inspires you and makes you want to claim your best self!
— B.Heidorn,New Britain, CT

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