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Adapting the principles of Improvisation to facilitate great outcomes for individuals and organizations.

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Give your group the skills the 21st century demands! BTC offers tailored Improv Training for...

  • Customer Service - every employee at every level
  • Presentations & Speaking - brand ambassadors showcase and sell
  • Teamwork - teams that gel are adaptive and innovative
  • Networking & Relationship Building - connections make a business 
  • Personal & Professional Development - the brightest and best invest

This page shows a sample of sessions available. Programs are highly interactive, engaging you instead of having you sit still while your butt goes numb. They will give you immediately actionable skills and tools that energize your people and refresh their thinking.  They are available in keynotes and as multi-part development sessions and coaching for individuals and groups. Visit Bridge To Choice's sister company at ConnectAnd for a full array of programs. 

For a quick sample of Jenny's style as a speaker and facilitator, check out this YouTube video of her teaching!

Everyday Improv For A Rapidly Changing World:

A fun introduction to the principles and skills involved in Improv and how to put them into action and practice for use in everyday life and business situations. Key take-aways: supercharged listening and awareness, breaking out of ruts so you create solutions and consensus, building upon failure, storytelling,accessing hidden courage, and adapting to change and challenge.

Wahoo! I Failed!

So many great leaders of now and the past have talked about risk-taking and building on failure, but doing it in our own lives in real time is a whole different matter. How many things do we miss out on because we’re afraid but we come up with other justifications for our inaction? A healthy relationship with failure creates options and possibilities we wouldn’t otherwise see, shows us how courageous and wise we’re capable of being, and keeps us from going to our graves with “if only I had…” on our lips. Key take-aways: befriending failure, getting off the fence, extracting lessons, and facing fear.

Participants love the keep-it-real fun, transparency, and engagement of Jenny's sessions.

What's The Story?

We all know a good story when we hear one, right? A colleague regales us with the tale of her vacation in Italy or we recall a memory from childhood, but what about the stories we don't notice? We all have stories good and bad, seen and unseen. Both influence us in more ways than we realize, creating wins and losses and colliding with the stories of others. Key take-aways: recognizing what stories are influencing you and how, strategies to break free of and change your stories (stop the broken record!), and how to leverage your understanding of story to move forward and create what you want instead.

We can be supreme listeners even without ears like his.*

We can be supreme listeners even without ears like his.*

Atomic Listening:

Go way beyond “active” listening - that's only the beginning. The best listeners experience greater confidence and less conflict, are appreciated and liked by others, and create more meaningful connections in their lives. Key take-aways: shutting down your inner chatter, sending the inner judge on a coffee break, managing expectations, detaching from outcomes, and removing filters.


The Art of Choice: 

We have more ways than ever to create happiness, yet we play the victim, saying “I can’t/have to” or “I should/don’t have the time.” We live in the Age of Excess, overwhelmed by information and messages telling us what to do and who to be. The solution: choosing as a key skill. Key take-aways: clarifying what is really right for you, recognizing when you are thinking like a victim and stepping out of it in the moment, and breaking free of patterns. Go beyond old school pro/con decision making – the antidote to the toxic insanity of modern life is building exceptional skills in choosing.

Other options that might appeal to you...

Visit my sister company ConnectAnd for a full array of training and development options for your team. The above sample programs are also available as multi-part extended development sessions and coaching for individuals and groups. All programs are customized to the needs of your organization.


Call me and let’s talk about what your group needs and wants. Together we can add a bright light to their day, their job, and their life! They’ll love you for it!

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