Name: Jenny Drescher

Fancy Title: Certified Choice Coach, Speaker, and Certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner, Facilitator and Trainer

Mission: Teach people to completely own their lives, laugh more, be their real selves and never again get in their own way or be held back by others.

Who: Cares deeply and -

  • Puts you in charge of your life, your emotions, your responses, and your results.
  • Gives you tools to break out of your patterns and create options where you think you have none.
  • Teaches you how to build real, permanent confidence and resilience.
  • Shows you how to stay motivated and focused on what you really care about.
  • Gets your group working as a team again, even if big changes or bad blood have been in the picture.
  • Provides tools to adapt, innovate, and grow with our constantly-changing world and business environment.
  • Loves teaching people to use the power of fun and laughter to create clarity, courage, and ease.
  • Is a kind, candid, funny 2"x4" wrapped in velvet for you so you get the traction and outcomes you crave.

Official Cred: Graduate of both Coach University and Coachville, is a Peak Potentials Certified Train-the-Trainer graduate, and is a member of the International Coach Federation, as well as the International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches and Trainers and the Applied Improvisation Network. She is half of the highly regarded two person Improv troupe BOOP and a mainstage cast member of The Happier Family Comedy Show.  She has trained with Sea Tea Improv, McNally Improv, Pam Victor and The Ha Ha's, Claire Zick, alumni of ImprovBoston, Second City, and B.U.M.P. 

Why: Jenny used to think life was something that happened to her, using lots of stories, “I can’t,” a fair amount of “I’m not good enough” and some procrastination to keep her from taking full ownership of her life. A Champion of the Blame Game and a Samurai of Self Sabotage, she always had a reason for not living up to her potential and being the person she always wanted to see herself become. Finally she got sick of listening to herself, so she mustered her courage and learned how to choose and create her path instead. Now she is the master of her life and is passionate about helping others become the same.

Sordid Past: Prior to her career in coaching and facilitation, Jenny worked in sales and account management for companies large and small. She has worked on champion teams and teams going up in flames, and she pulled vital skills and lessons from both. She has gotten in trouble for truth-speaking, rule-bending, and fun-creating in the name of getting clients, teams, and co-workers to take full ownership of themselves and their outcomes. She's been everything from a top sales performer to a manager to a forklift operator. She learned to cultivate and celebrate every role in an organization by playing at many levels.

Obsession: Getting the skills of choosing and improvising into the world in a whole new way. We already do both every day all the time, but passively.  Developing active mastery in both skills changes the way we do life and the results we create.

Rant: The irony and problem? We have millions of options, yet we get stopped in the grocery store, struggling to select from the 50 types of toothpaste. We have more ways than ever to create happiness, yet we play the victim, saying "I can't/have to" or "I should/don't have the time." We live in the Age of Excess, overwhelmed by information and messages telling us what to do and who to be. Life is moving faster than we can hope to keep up. We have millions of choices, but inadequate skills at choosing, discerning, adapting, building agreement, celebrating failure, and being our real selves. We can change that by teaching people to actively choose and improvise in all parts of their lives all the time.