How do we know?

I'm sitting at a cafe in western MA getting nothing done, and this garden cafe is my current view.
You'd be right to say "well, of course not, Jenny! How can you get anything done with a view like that? Flowers, sunshine, beer and trees! It's distractingly lovely!" 

Just now, I wasn't really fully present to the beautiful garden and atmosphere I'm in. I was trying to focus on my tasks, but frankly, wasn't fully present to them, either. I was putting myself in limbo, neither soaking in beauty nor getting anything done. I was just toggling absurdly between the two.

It brought to mind a question: how do we know when we are not being truly present to an "offer?"* While it appears to be a simple question, it's not. If it were, we'd be more present more often. 

What is the big neon warning sign for you that tells you clearly: "you aren't being truly present!"

Is it a feeling, like the toggling experience I just noticed?
Perhaps it's a result, like "oops, I did not hear a thing she just said."
Is it different for one-to-one interactions from when it's with an audience?

It's worth while to figure out your personal warning signs so you can catch yourself and "snap to." It could mean the difference between you missing an offer or making the most of one.

*Everything is an offer