Go Stuff Your Cheeks

I woke up at 2:00 last night chilly and had to throw a blanket on. I could have shut the window, but was not ready for that step closer to summer's end. I pouted my way back to sleep.

“It’s coming. You can’t stop it, no point in fighting it." You are right. Do you hate letting go of summer? It is my favorite season, and like a school kid, I get to the end of August and wail for more. I have scheduled a couple of days off to soak in the last of the sun, and am hitting the drive-in with my sweetie. My friends, we can grab every scrap of summer and celebrate it before its end so we store up enough sunny goodness in our bones to nourish us through the winter

Sometimes we fight change because it is scary, sometimes because it is hard. Other times, we simply love the thing that we have to let go. Often we are not ready. When we are denying, not preparing, or otherwise avoiding the reality of a forthcoming shift, we shortchange ourselves. We rob ourselves of the opportunity to grab the scraps that will nourish us, to celebrate what we can.

As you head into the last four months of 2015, what shifts do you see coming in your life or business?
What do you need to prioritize now so you can let go then?

you've got this! now go stuff your cheeks!